Internal Signage

Internal & indoor signage is an impactful way of promoting your brand, promoting offers in a retail environment and also create a better and safer experience for anyone in your building through the use of wayfinding, safety signage and specific use of messages.



There are several different types of internal signage, including wall signs, floor graphics, ceiling-hung signs, and wall signs. We produce internal signage from acrylic graphics on standoffs, through to aluminium panels and direct to glass printed panels – high quality reproduction on the latest UV technology. We also provide advice on installing and fixing. We carry out site surveys where we can advise on the qty, size and frequency of the messaging within your environment, too many signs can negatively impact and too little can also.

Internal signage is an essential aspect of any organisation or business. It is the signs, graphics, and visual communication used within a building or facility to direct people, convey important information, and enhance the overall visitor experience, hugely important aspects of any setting.
The primary purpose of internal signage is to guide visitors, customers, and employees to navigate their way through the building. This includes directional signs that indicate where key areas such as reception, toilets, lifts, and emergency exits are located. Wayfinding signs are crucial in large buildings, as they help to reduce confusion, minimise frustration, and save time.

In addition to wayfinding signs, internal signage also serves other purposes such as communicating important information, promoting brand identity, and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the building. For example, companies may use internal signage to convey their values, mission statement, or to highlight important achievements. This helps to create a positive and engaging environment that reinforces the company’s brand and culture.

Internal signage can also be used for safety and security purposes. We do a full range of safety signage and our catalogue is available to download. This includes emergency evacuation plans, fire exit signs, and other safety-related signs that are crucial in the event of an emergency. Effective signage can save lives, and it is important that companies prioritise safety when designing and implementing their internal signage.

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