Fabric Printing

Over 100 fabrics to choose from. Backlit and non-backlit, various finishing available from keder and silicone edge to hemmed and eyeleted.

From tension fabric frames and lightboxes to flags, tablecloths and giant pitch graphics for huge sporting events.

No minimum order quantity or size. Dye sublimation and UV printed. Eco-friendly options are available.

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Fabric graphics are a perfect way to display your brand in a number of ways, from tensioned fabric graphics inside frames and lightboxes to flags, tablecloths and giant pitch graphics for huge sporting events. Fabrics are available in different widths for printing and also different weaves for different finishes and purposes.

Fabric for lightboxes is described as backlit fabric and allows light through to bring to life your printed fabric. Blockout fabric is also used in various settings which has a backing coating to ensure that it doesn’t allow any light through.

We provide a wide range of over 100 different fabrics.

Select for a variety of:

  • Finishes
  • Backlit & non-backlit
  • No minimum order quantity
  • Dye sublimation & UV printed
  • Eco-friendly options available

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Four Core Fabrics

There are various different types and makes of Fabric we print on, below are four specific fabrics with some everyday applications.

  • Vesta Weave: A porous fabric material that is often used as a graphic over fencing, especially heras fencing, and on various temporary and permanent structures. The porous attire of the material allows wind to travel through and therefore reduces the chance of the graphic becoming a sail-like effect. It is often finished with eyelets for fixing. Our vesta weave is available up to 3.1m roll widths for wide format printing, fire ratings are also available on request
  • Display Trevira: Another fabric we often use for a variety of applications. Ideal for tensioned frame graphics to theatre backdrops, it is often finished with hem and eyelets or pockets for hanging, or silicone edging for tension framing. Display Trevira is a coated one-sided polyester-based material. It is available in 3m roll widths, fire ratings are also available on request.
  • Backlit fabric: Used mostly for lightboxes and graphic applications where the graphic itself is lit from the reverse. It is a stretch fabric that is often finished with a silicone edge to tension inside framework apertures. Commonly seen up and down the High street, this fabric is the go-to choice for lightbox graphic applications. This replaces the previous trend of using clear plastic graphics. It is a polyester-based material and is available in various roll widths depending on the manufacturer.
  • Flagknit: Our final core material is used for flags, banners and all types of outdoor fabric graphics. Flagknit is a light material and therefore ideal for use in printing giant banners for sporting and music events, as well as backdrops for all kinds of industries. Often unfinished and just hemmed, or eyeleted (often reinforced). Flagknit is available in 5m roll widths and fire ratings are available on request.

Fabric Printing FAQ’s

1) Can I print double-sided on fabric?
Yes, you can print double-sided, but be aware that the reverse print will show through on a flag if you don’t put a blockout liner between the two sides.

2) Do you supply tension frames as well as graphics?
Yes, we do supply frames and also lightboxes as well, we can do virtually any size, custom dimensions or a range of off-the-shelf sizes.

3) What if I don’t know what finishing I need?
We can fully advise what finishing you need based on what application your fabric graphic is being used for.

4) Can my fabric graphic be used outdoors?
Yes, certain fabric graphics can be used outdoors. There is a huge range of fabrics that can be printed on. Always state whether it is for outdoor use and we can advise the best type of material for your particular project.

5) Can you deliver to me if I order a 5m wide fabric graphic?
Yes, we use specific overnight couriers who take up to 5m length tubes and will deliver to you on an overnight service.

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