Digital Wallpaper

Digital wallpaper can transform any area within a domestic or corporate setting. There is a wide range of wallpapers now available on the market from textured to PVC-free and in sections of up to 5m wide to create a seamless look on any wall.



Our UV printers produce high quality wallpapers on demand, lead-times can be as little 2 to 3 days. Digital wallpaper is a high-quality and durable way of branding any space and will last for years.

We produce on a variety of materials and roll widths to suit any need, we also produce on pastable and adhesive backed as well for ease. As well as the production element we can install UK and Europe wide, or we can also just advise on best methods of wall preparation and treatment so you can self install.

Digital wallpaper printing technology has revolutionized the wallpaper industry by providing an affordable and convenient way of producing customized wallpapers. Unlike traditional wallpaper printing methods that require large quantities of wallpaper to be printed at once, digital printing technology allows for the printing of small quantities of wallpaper with high precision and accuracy. This has made it possible for individuals and businesses to create unique wallpapers that reflect their personality, style, and taste.

Digital wallpaper printing is also an environmentally-friendly option compared to traditional wallpaper printing methods. Digital printers do not produce any waste or use any harmful chemicals during the printing process, making them a more sustainable option. Additionally, digital wallpaper printing allows for the printing of small quantities of wallpaper, reducing the amount of paper waste that is typically associated with traditional wallpaper printing. As well as this the advent of PVC free wallpaper is furthering the green credentials of digital wallpaper as your go to substrate for branding your walls.

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