Print For Charities

We are a perfect fit for any charity, foundation or non-governmental organisation (NGO). Discover a wide range of products that will help you to efficiently promote your cause and fundraise helping you to get on with the important task of raising funds.

Choose from posters, business cards, flyers, banners and more. Alongside this, we can also provide any event fundraiser with indoor and outdoor display graphics, from banner stands and flags to branding golf charity days with pin flags.

Alongside the more standard items, we can also provide you with new ideas to get your message across such as NFC cards, which can be loaded with your details enabling people to donate in their own time and space.

We discount all print purchased by any registered charity by 10% on each and every purchase. Just our way of trying to help and give something back to those who work so hard on behalf of others.

Why choose us?

We have expertise across all types of print and promotional material and also source both ethically and regionally, the best printed options available. This not only means competitive prices but also green credentials and ethical workplaces.

Our experts bring experience of printed projects from a range of clients across a variety of sectors.

37 Print are passionate about working with charities, and take pride in getting involved with non-profits.


We use a print-managed model to reflect the values that we set, which means we work with pre-qualified suppliers and partners who we have personally assessed and spend time working with to develop strong and positive relationships.

This ensures we can provide the lowest prices and widest range of print for charities.

Yes, we do offer a green alternative on all products and substrates, so you can be confident you are doing your part to protect the environment.

Our insistence on vetting and working with only pre-qualified and personally assessed partners, ensures eco-friendly options are available.

No, we don’t always offer the lowest price. We do aim to source the highest value offering at a competitive price, one which we evaluate based on not just cost, but also green credentials, ethical sourcing and high-quality print.

Yes, we can install. We have a lot of experience of installing both small and large POS projects, locally and across the UK/Europe. We are fully qualified and have all the relevant health and safety insurance and certification, which we can supply on request.

We quote once we receive your project request and as we would normally submit the prices to you, only once you do decide to go ahead would we then attach the discount on your invoice.

There is also a choice to have this discount or rebate applied on a monthly basis if you prefer.

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